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    Jun 1, 2019 · For those with Gemini in the MC, Sagittarius is in the IC and learning where the line is between self-sufficiency, independence, individualism and increasing internal knowledge with those around them as well ️ Because the Gemini MC is rapid and fast, sometimes there may be oppositions from others who look only at their surface and determine.

  • What to make out of that? Must have something to do with the job front, right? That one has been unstable and I decided starting to work on establishing my own buisness, so that Full Moon seems very.
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    The ascendant-descendant angles make one axis of the natal chart (the horizontal one), while the IC-MC angles make the other axis (the one that’s approximately vertical).

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  • Oct 30, 2020 · In the picture below, you can see the two axes of the birth chart.
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  • If the IC falls in Sagittarius in a natal chart, the person’s home life, emotional foundation, and innermost self are likely to be influenced by Sagittarian qualities such as.
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    The North Node in Gemini in the natal chart is symbolic of a soul urge towards learning to see all sides of a situation and communicate a sense of curiosity in the unknown.

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    “If the MC represents our connection to society, success, and our public image, the IC represents the opposite.